NEW Beauty Lift



Discover this instant youth boost wonder and restore radiance and a lift to your face, smooth lines, erase wrinkles, naturally lift your eyebrow or tone the shape of your facial contours.

Introducing a new revolutionary anti-aging beauty massage technique: Guerlain’s ‘Beauty Lift.’ The ‘Beauty Lift’ massage focuses on every face muscle to specifically target expression wrinkles, smoothing lines and activating microcirculation. Our intense stretching technique aims at stretching and relaxing the face in the tensest areas, while dynamic muscle stimulation restores volume to areas where there is a loss of tonicity, which tends to increase over time. Over the course of an hour, the intense face massage deeply stretches and stimulates the muscles. The transformation is immediate: your skin is more beautiful, brighter and firmer.

When performed regularly, the ‘Beauty Lift’ massage will allow you to maintain the natural radiance of your skin. To prolong the benefits of the treatments provided at the Guerlain Spa, your Beauty Coach will offer you some ‘Guerlain Beauty Secrets’ to follow at home. You will restore life to your skin by regularly applying the Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Cream with targeted movements and by simply following our relaxation exercises to smooth lines, as designed by Guerlain expert, Dr Denis Lamboley.

50 Minutes – $250