Find your midday oasis or begin a full-body spa-cation with your choice of Guerlain choreographed and customized massage therapies.

Harmonizing Massages

Impériale Relaxing Massage  – 50min 

This massage pays homage to the Eau de Cologne Impériale. Transporting you to an anti-stress cocoon, this multisensorial experience inspires complete calm, leaving you totally relaxed and invigorated. The Impériale Relaxing Massage facilitates oxygenation, stimulates circulation and provides a profound sense of serenity.      $195

4-Hand Impériale Relaxing Massage  – 50min / 80min

Modelled upon the signature Impériale Relaxing Massage, this masterful ballet of expert hands offers a unique and absolute sensorial experience.  At the very first gesture, you surrender to the tranquility, abandoning yourself to the sensation of lightness and well-being.

50 minute – $355          80 minute – $555


Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage – 25 min

Our classic massage employs firm but gentle pressure to specific areas that hold tension such as neck, back and  shoulders. This massage is perfect for guests with limited free time. The body will feel refreshed and tensions released.     $85


Scalp Massage – 20 min

This energizing scalp treatment is the perfect addition to any massage. Tension is released, scalp and hair are nourished with essential oils, and a greater sense of relaxation is achieved.       $85


Reflexology – 50 min

Using specific pressure points on the foot, this massage relieves pain, restores balance and improves circulation.      $195


Deep Tissue Massage – 50 min

Ideal for athletes, the slow, firm strokes and deep finger pressure perfectly address muscle pain and tension.

50 minute –  $195  80 minutes – $265


Waldorf “As You Wish” Massage – 50 min

Combining the sense of smell with touch, the Waldorf “As You Wish” massage uses aromatherapy to balance and restore energy. Your therapist will assist you in choosing a massage oil blend to create a harmonizinng environment for your massage experience. In addition, also choose your preferred treatment such as deep tissue or hot stone massage to create your experience.      $200


Lymphatic Drainage  – 50min / 80min

Detoxifies the lymphatic system and releases tension patterns – the perfect therapy to relieve the sensation of tired legs.

50 minute    -    $195           80 minute   –     $265


Pre & Postnatal Massage  –   80min

Body therapy given after the first trimester of pregnancy alleviates discomfort and pain, improves skin elasticity, and stimulates circulation. In the postpartum period, specialized techniques help eliminate toxins, ease muscle aches and pain, improve sleep, and restore balance for the new mother.      $265


Stone Massage  -  80min

A perfect combination of heat and gentle pressure brings relief to tense muscles and sore joints, releases stress and connects you to the peaceful environment around you.      $265


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