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Signature Guerlain and customized facial treatments unite 180 years of advanced anti-aging skincare research with aesthetic expertise and personalized service.

Guerlain Signature Facials

Orchidée Impériale Prestige Treatment   –  140 min

The remarkable power of longevity of the orchid has inspired Guerlain‘s exceptional facial treatment, the most complete of all. The alliance of the aesthetic know-how of Guerlain with the efficiency of the products of the Orchidée Impériale range will offer you a moment of absolute well-being and visibly transform your skin by revealing its rediscovered youth.

The exclusive Orchidée Impériale firming massage, repeated three times by alternating deep massage sequences with softer relaxing ones, will act on the muscles of the face, neck, décolleté and the upper part of the back. Under the action of precise movements, the muscles are stimulated, the facial contours redefined.

Nourished with three different masks, the skin is immediately smoothed thanks to the synergetic effect of the cream, the iconic product of the Orchidée Impériale

range, and the high-technology of the new Longevity Concentrate. All the signs of aging are corrected more quickly and more intensely. The skin recovers a perfect finish: supple and velvety, with a natural glow.     $475

Orchidée Impériale Treatment – The Interlude  -  80 min 

This treatment, combining the exclusive firming massage with the efficiency of the products of the Orchidée Impériale range, is the perfect complement to the Prestige treatment. It prolongs its benefits by visibly maintaining the firmness and tone of the face muscles and by protecting the skin against all the cutaneous signs of aging.      $295

Abeille Royale Expert Treatment  -  80 min 

Initiate your face to the high performance of this expert “lifting” and firming treatment that distills its infinite life source within the skin for a smoother and firmer face.

The initial “microdermabrasion” is followed by a special 6-minute massage with warm plant infusions to immediately purify the skin and stimulate the firming action. After an in-depth diagnosis, each wrinkle is targeted with the technical application of Abeille Royale Youth Serum. Born from the exceptional repairing power of bee products, this unique serum with Pure Royal Concentrate promotes the key mechanisms of the healing process within the skins to help repair wrinkles and tissue firmness.   $295

Exclusive Treatment

The Waldorf Impériale  -  110 min 

Experience true seduction of the senses with the combined luxury of an indulgent massage and decadent facial delivered as one blissful therapy.  The true height of sensorial pleasure, you’ll be cocooned in delicate sounds and scents, enveloped in the elegant refinement of Guerlain’s complete age-defying skincare, Orchidée Impériale expert skincare, coaxing you toward serene and luxurious renewal. Simply put, The Waldorf Impériale redefines luxury.      $400


Guerlain Personalized Facials

Intensive Facial  -  110 min 

One hour and 50 minutes of sheer bliss for a pure and radiant beauty. A deep cleansing combined with the exclusive 25-minute Guerlain facial massage and specialty mask as well as an active skincare concentrate strengthen and reveal greater texture and tone.      $350


Complete Facial  -  80 min  

The exclusive Guerlain facial massage with an active skincare concentrate and mask round off this deep cleansing facial therapy.  The ultimate revival for devitalized skin.      $295


Radiance Facial  -  50 min 

Achieve a fresh, clear and radiant complexion with this deep cleansing coupled with the exclusive  Guerlain facial massage and mask.      $195




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